Share and organize photos with everyone in your family.

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To get started, all it takes is some photos of your loved ones.

Seahorse is based on the simple concept of scenes. A scene is a private space where only those invited can post and comment photos and videos. Create scenes for vacations, parties and all other shared experiences you can imagine.

    Invite your family to a scene.

    Start a scene for a shared experience, like a recent trip or an entire summer together.

    Add photos in seconds.

    To post photos and videos, just tap the camera button.

    Repeat Whenever. Forever.

    Create scenes for all your shared experiences and remember life by dates, places and people.

Access your photos from anywhere.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets as well as for Mac & PC. Seahorse comes with 100 GB space for storing all your photos and videos in original resolution. Camera Sync can backup all your photos and videos automatically.

Discover like never before.

    It's like Groundhog Day every day!

    Start each day with a beautiful visualization of your photos and videos from today's date in previous years.

    Exactly where you were

    Your whole life on a map. Pinch and zoom to see all your photos from a given continent, country, city, neighborhood or even a hotel room.

    Browse by date, location and person.

    Seahorse creates a timeline of photos and videos from all your scenes. For example, easily find all your photos from Mexico that are shared with your best friend.

    Shake for random encounters with your past

    Sometimes you just randomly remember something for no particular reason. Now Seahorse can do that for your photos too.

"Seahorse lets you collaborate with your family to build lasting photo and video albums, shared privately" — TechCrunch

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